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Better Job Fit is a catalyst and facilitator of change for businesses and individuals in transition. We specialize in assisting businesses strategically align their employees through the different stages of corporate growth, and individuals through professional transition, identifying strengths and strategically creating a plan for success. 

Meet Jan Watson

Founder of Better Job Fit, Inc., Jan is a leader and business development consultant with an impressive 25 year track record in domestic and international business development, sales, marketing, and training. Ms. Watson is a published author and speaker and has created and implemented sustainable growth strategies for individual career development and corporate success management plans.


Jan Watson Personal Transition Story:

My business was created from my personal and professional journey of job fit, (hence the business name, “Better Job Fit”).

During the height of my professional career, working for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, I was working in my strengths of training, education and business development, knowing how to leverage other people’s strengths for success. I created a unique niche in the ophthalmic industry, possessing clinically-technical skills as well as sales traits, which combined are quite rare. In the midst of the financial crisis in 2007 and a company transition, I was recruited to join a competitor company, which was in the midst of acquiring/merging with two other companies at the same time. Being mindful of my move, interviewing for “right fit” with my, ‘then’, manager, I felt that I was in alignment with my job description/duties, as well as with the hiring manager, an increase in pay, life was great!

Two months later, my entire life changed. A new manager was assigned, whose management style was fear-based and high on control. I went from being in a highly independent position, working in my strengths, to being micro-managed, bullied and coerced, both emotionally and physically. At the end of 6 months, my mental and physical health started to suffer greatly, being diagnosed with adrenal burnout. After transitioning out, (with pending legal action against the company), my marriage took the biggest toll, ending in divorce in 2009.

As a Phoenix rises out of the ashes, so did Better Job Fit, Inc. My contrast experience from thriving and working in my life’s strengths and purpose to being unknowingly and involuntarily cast into a position of failure, became the motivation to educate businesses and individuals on the importance of understanding Behavior Diversity™ and consciously aligning people to jobs, objectively, strategically and scientifically, for success.



We specialize in Behavior Diversity™ and customized job matching. Traditional workforce diversity focuses on external differences such as age, ethnicity, and gender. Behavior Diversity™ is a term used by Better Job Fit to describe our behavioral differences, hard-wired human traits that you can’t see, that subconsciously drive our every decision and action. Providing clients with understanding into their own individual behavior traits, how they can be perceived negatively, they learn how to bridge ‘Resistance Gaps’ created by Behavioral Diversity™. Individuals experiencing the extremes of such behavior traits as assertiveness, decisiveness or sociability, may perceive themselves as being bullied or may perceive others as weak or unengaged. Our customized job-matching services provide businesses with a sustainable and holistic workforce model that puts employers and employees in positions of success.

With every interaction, through attending one of our workshops, experiencing an individual session, or reading one of our publications, our goal is to get you to look at yourself, your opportunities and others differently. To create a mental shift that ignites a chain reaction of new events, leading you to your desired results. BJF provides strategic direction and resources to help you successfully transition into your next professional position or life purpose.  

BJF partners with Veteran and foster care organizations to facilitate job-matching internships between businesses and Veterans transitioning out of the military into private sector and Foster Care Alumni aging out of the system on their own.

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Regain Control

Our collaboration puts you back in the driver' seat of your job search by:

1. Helping you align emotionally and psychologically,     using the latest technology to objectively evaluate     your strengths;
2. Helping you identify and communicate the type of     position you are looking for and how to find your     job-search champions;
3. Helping you create a search strategy and process     that aligns with your desired results.


Workshop 9/20/18

3 Ways to Overcome No-Response Job Applications and Land Your Ideal Job.
The search for a new job should be viewed as an exciting growth opportunity. But the process and transition can make a person feel fearful, vulnerable and out of control. As traditional technology-driven job-search methods have taken the “Human” out of Human Resources, you may be experiencing an increase in anxiety because:


You feel emotionally and psychologically disconnected from your job search;


You rarely receive any acknowledgement of your job application or any feedback of why you weren’t selected or what to expect next;


You spend your time “networking” but don’t know how to successfully communicate what type of position your looking for or how to ask for help;


You don’t have a plan or process in place that guides you to a position that aligns with who you are now.

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